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Entry #2

I got 10000 points!

2009-10-31 05:33:23 by spluck

woooho 10000 medal points.
that took a wile but I Got it and it feels realy good, I know that a lot of people have more than me but it´s very good for beeing me and... yay!

please comment, but no angry or hateful things cuz I don´t have anything better to write about than my medals and stuff.


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2009-10-31 07:09:24

<insert something hateful here>

Oh Im going to sweden soon

(Updated ) spluck responds:

Ok that´s <insert something here>.


2009-12-03 13:58:16

That is actually pretty impressive. I don't seem to have the determination to sit for hours playing games.

(Updated ) spluck responds:

Thanks, the only reason I have this much points is cuz I don´t hava anyting better to do!